OSS Search


OSS Search

Onion Search Server (OSS) is an indispensable search engine enabling users to explore websites within the Tor Network, also commonly referred to as the dark web. Tor itself constitutes a network of servers maintained by volunteers, offering the capability to surf the internet anonymously.

To employ OSS effectively, you must initially install the Tor Browser, a custom version of the Firefox web browser meticulously designed to safeguard your privacy. Once the Tor Browser is up and running, navigate to the OSS website hosted within the Tor Network.

Upon your initial visit to the OSS website, you'll encounter a cautionary message highlighting the inherent risks associated with delving into the dark web. Given the potential presence of illicit content, exercising extreme caution while browsing is imperative.

Searching for a website using OSS is a straightforward process – simply enter the website's address into the search bar and hit Enter. OSS will then furnish you with a list of search results.

It's essential to bear in mind that OSS refrains from filtering its search results, which implies that you may encounter websites housing illegal or harmful content. Consequently, the onus is on you to exercise discretion and prudence.

While the Tor Network undoubtedly serves as a potent tool for preserving your online anonymity, it is equally paramount to approach the dark web with vigilance. To maintain a heightened level of safety, refrain from disclosing any personal information on OSS websites, exercise caution with the hyperlinks you engage with, and consider utilizing a VPN to fortify your security posture.