How Toorgle Works

Bottom Line
Anonymous browsing and no tracking


What is Toorgle?

Toorgle is a state-of-the-art Torrent search engine that seamlessly integrates searches across multiple torrent protocols while guaranteeing user anonymity. Driven by a goal to provide robust defense tools against malicious third-party torrent hosts, Toorgle is your ideal solution to search torrents safely and effectively

In a digital landscape fraught with surveillance risks, users face challenges like ISP tracking, corporate copyright traps, and cyber-attacks at the national level. With these threats in mind, Toorgle aims to become the leading torrent search platform that actively defends users from IP tracking and unwarranted device data exposure.

Who manages Toorgle?

A committed cadre of privacy-focused developers and designers is the force behind Toorgle. Their shared vision? Creating a safe haven for file sharing and sourcing on the torrent network without the usual privacy drawbacks.

How is the Toorgle Proxy different from a VPN?

Toorgle's innovative approach redirects network searches through a p2p proxy system. Unlike mainstream VPNs, this unique architecture is decentralized, eliminating potential chokepoints. However, for those looking to engage directly with torrent files or access third-party sites, the use of a VPN alongside our torrent search engine is highly recommended for an extra layer of protection.

Will my internet experience be any different on Toorgle?

Using Toorgle might offer a slightly different browsing experience. Some elements might take a tad longer to load or occasionally not display as intended. Occasionally, a quick verification might be required to confirm you're human, a small step to ensure the highest levels of privacy during your torrent search.

How does Toorgle protect your Privacy?

Venturing online using Toorgle's search ensures a fortified shield against malicious third-party cookies and trackers. Rest assured, with our platform, your online activities remain discreet, devoid of stored histories or any record of your searches. Your online footprint remains yours and yours alone.

Does Toorgle keep logs?

In a word, no. We prioritize your privacy above all.

What is the Tor Anonymous View Button next to every search result?

Each search result on Toorgle is equipped with a unique “Anonymous View” button. Exiting our platform by clicking on a result could expose users to external site vulnerabilities. We strongly encourage users to review third-party site Privacy Policies. However, activating the "Anonymous View" guarantees your connection remains encrypted and channeled safely through the global Network relays.