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Torrent search with no tracking


Unwavering Stance on Privacy

Your privacy comes first.

Toorgle is more than just a torrent search engine; it’s a commitment to your privacy. Our core values, both in our browser and as a leading search engine, prioritize user privacy. Please review this comprehensive guide to understand how Toorgle works for you.

How Toorgle Ensures Your Privacy

Your searches are never sold or spied on.

With Toorgle, every search remains confidential. As a pioneering metasearch engine, we pull from an expansive database, ensuring minimal dependence on third-party data, keeping your browsing anonymous. Over time, our goal is to make external fetching obsolete. Toorgle stands firm in not using tracking devices or storing search histories. Each search query you enter is instantly anonymized. Explore the vast torrent network and reap excellent search results without compromising your personal data.

Why Toorgle Avoids Personal Data Collection

Your personal data is just that, personal.

In the world of search, your personal data should remain yours. Toorgle's metasearch engine philosophy reinforces that personal data should stay personal.

Offering Anonymous Torrent Search

Privacy, Simplified.

Simplicity meets privacy. With Toorgle, your torrent searches are not linked to your identity. We strip all unnecessary metadata, including IP addresses, from your queries, delivering results based on anonymized requests. And remember, we don’t log your searches.

To counter potential abuses like robotic high-volume searches, we anonymously gauge the frequency of popular search terms, ensuring a balance between anti-abuse measures and user privacy.

We prioritize your safety, which is why, in cases of potential misuse, we act swiftly to block the implicated IP address to maintain a secure and free service.

Links to External Sites

Be wary of other websites and online services.

Your safety extends beyond Toorgle. When you venture off our search engine platform by clicking on a search result, it’s essential to be vigilant. Review the Privacy Policies of sites you visit. Our "Anonymous Proxy" button, available next to every search result, lets you ensure privacy through the torrent network.

How We Measure Traffic

We don’t use external tracking tools.

Our in-house, encrypted web analysis service helps us fine-tune Toorgle’s performance. Our metrics focus on traffic volume, targeting bot spam. This data remains impersonal, focused only on general access patterns.

Children's Privacy

Our Service does not address anyone under the age of 18 ("Children").

Toorgle, as a responsible torrent search engine, does not cater to individuals below 18. Parents or guardians concerned about their children’s access can reach out for more information on how Toorgle promotes a safe browsing experience.

Government Data Requests – Our Straightforward Response

They can’t request what we don’t have.

It’s simple: They can’t ask for what we don’t possess. Our lack of user data storage makes government requests virtually irrelevant.

Policy Updates

We may update our Privacy Policy from time to time

Privacy policies evolve. We’ll keep you informed about significant updates by notifying you through our platform and via email, ensuring you're always in the loop.

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